About me

I have been a professional photographer since 1975, setting up my own studio early on.
I am based in Oxelösund, Sweden,
where I live with my lovely wife in a house on the Baltic coast.


For me, photography is a way of life. It is how I earn my living and it is how I see the word - a good combination. Every picture is both a job and an opportunity to discover new aspect of the world around me, whether I am working in my own large studio shooting trucks and buses at Scania or traveling on assignment to the far corners of the world.
The subject before my camera lens at any given times is often a matter of chance, yet overall it lines up with my personal interest. Like cars for example, I have shot a lot of cars and trucks over the years, working for clients like Saab Automobile, Volkswagen, Atlas Copco and Scania.

Take the opportunity to look through my portfolio and for new business enquiries, please contact me.